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For most people, the sale of a home represents one of the largest business transactions of a lifetime. Selling a home is a major legal undertaking involving a large amount of paperwork and money. It can be an emotionally charged transaction requiring strong negotiation skills, specialized knowledge and dedicated time. That’s why it only makes sense to work with a professional, a REALTOR®.
It is in your best interest to work with Licensed Real Estate Agents who have earned the right to represent buyers and sellers through rigorous, state-mandated real estate courses, testing, continuing education and government licensing.  Furthermore, they are members of the national, state, and local association of REALTORS®, trade groups which embrace a 17-article Code of Ethics to engender highly professional conduct and provide access to many specialized resources.  Morado Canyon Realtors take their professionalism very seriously when making the commitment to be with you every step of the way.  As a seller those steps include:


 Seller Counseling

Pricing It Right


• Listening to your needs & concerns about selling your home.
• Explaining
the listing/selling process & the Multiple Listing Service.
• Evaluating
the condition of your home.
• Suggesting repairs, cleanup, minor improvements or décor
                        to enhance marketability.
• Maintaining


• Evaluating current market conditions.
Researching comparable neighborhood sales data
                         not available to the general public.

Verifying property information, warranties & condition.
determine the highest & most realistic pricing.
Explaining buyer’s financing options that may impact your final return.
Helping you to price it right from the beginning when market momentum is at its peak.


Selling A Home
Morado Canyon Realty knows what it takes
to help every seller through the process of selling a home.



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